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So, I've been waiting on this one for a bit - my least favorite to favorite episode of season 5 of Animated Atrocities. I even didn't do a "favorite reviews" list of last year specifically because I knew that this particular list was coming up. This last has actually taken a little bit longer than I was expecting it to because, well I think that season 5 of Animated Atrocities has been the best yet. I had hired new editors throughout the thing. There were very few "filler" episodes, and I think there was only like one episode of the entire season that people point to as "not good."

As a result though, it's become very hard for me to actually order this one. I can think of my favorites, and my least favorites, but other than that it's really hard to judge, especially because I had editors for most of the season. It's very, very hard for me to compare how well a review came out when I personally had to go through all of the tedious process of editing. And there's the fact that the more effort you put into something (provided it turns out good), the more reward you feel when it's all over. What I'm trying to say is... don't expect this list to be anything close to accurate or objective.

Number 30 - Grounded (Teamo Supremo) {Episode 122}
I don't know if this is a surprise, but this is the only review of the season that I think I shouldn't have made, or even attempted to make. The show is bad, but not in any kind of interesting way. I think I have a few factual errors within the episode, and it's clear that I was going through some hardships at the time and wanted "something easy to review".

Number 29 - The Big Haggle Hassle (Squirrel Boy) {Episode 129}
Eh, it's another review that felt like a bit of a filler. This show was definitely more appropriate for review than Teamo Supremo, but it was still hard to get material, at least through one episode, beyond the fact that it's just... Rodney is an asshole. Another example of "I wanted to take things easy." Also, considering that this was the last episode that AnimatedBeing edited for, I guess I should talk about this. She simply got another job, one that was more consistent.

Number 28 - Cool Paw Howie (Almost Naked Animals) {Episode 130}
It's clear to me that January is never going to be a good month for me. This review isn't bad I don't think. I don't think it's very good either. It's just... a review. And it was the first of the small section where I was in between editors, so that was probably going to show here. Almost Naked Animals is a bad show for sure, but it's quite hard to pin down the exact reason because so many little random things about it are wrong, and it's difficult to give a thorough analysis. But hey, I guess that's good, since we're only a few in and the worst I can say about the review is that it's "average."

Number 27 - Pain in the Brain (Schnookums and Meat) {Episode 132}
So, this was Crimson's first episode that he edited for me, and he definitely did a good job here. I suppose to give this proper context, I should explain my methods of what I do when hiring an editor. The first thing that they're going to edit for me is something that I don't have much emotional attachment to - here, I watched this show for the first time for the review, and secondly it's going to be something that won't get copyright struck. (Voodoo did D.W.'s Very Bad Mood because Arthur doesn't get tagged and AnimatedBeing did Shop Talk because Hasbro doesn't outright block episodes, like say Fox does.) Then I tend to test their resolve (in AnimatedBeing's case, it was with the Nutshack), and then I go in for a "staple show" - Family Guy, Teen Titans Go, SpongeBob, etc. Something I can easily compare things to.

Number 26 - Shop Talk (My Little Pony Tales) {Episode 125}
And this is the kind of stuff that made this list hard to make. Both of my editors are my friends, and I don't want to sound/be a jerk when I rank their work against each other, or my own. But, I've got to be honest, I guess. What places this own higher is AnimatedBeing's work on avatar in the video, which has become my current avatar to this day. It's definitely been a good improvement and it has certainly helped increase my production.

Also, as a side note: Why is the show where the ponies are going on adventures through a fantasy land called "My Little Pony and Friends", and the show about the ponies being friends in a typical city called "My Little Pony Tales"? I keep getting them confused like every single time because of how backwards it sounds.

Number 25 - Miracle on Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons) {Episode 147}
I think this is a good review? I think... I mean, I wouldn't know because I was plunged headfirst into depression when making it. I did my best, I think, and I made something passable. Hopefully I was able to hide my emotional state during making this one. I think I kind of screwed the pooch on that one when doing the Ed, Edd n Eddy episode. Why would I want to do something like that? Because I'm an entertainer, at least that's what I see myself as. And I can't do my job of making other people's lives easier if I go on and about how miserable my own life is constantly. Yes, that is the logic that I apply to my work. No, it's not the most healthy thing in the world.

Number 24 - Defeated Graffiti (Hammerman) {Episode 131}
Another one of those "good, but not too memorable" reviews for me. I think a lot of people must feel the same, because I don't hear many people bring this one up, either positively or negatively, at least beyond this being the first review where I talked about something that the Nostalgia Critic had prior....

Number 23 - Two Minutes to Paradise (Committed) {Episode 136}
Another thing that's hard to control for when creating this list... is, if the review is good but watching the show/reviewing it was an unpleasant experience, as you may have noticed so far. Like a lot of the lower rungs on this list have not much to do with the actual reviews, but the thought process behind them. And I hated this show. Like, this review was hard for me to try and bite down on my anger. It's an amalgamation of so many of my hated cliches. Sometimes I can play off of that well, but sometimes I don't know how well I did. Speaking of which...

Number 22 - Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy {Episode 123}
I feel that I have to... defend myself a bit on this one? This is the review that people point to as the "worst" of the season. I originally put it on my top 10 reviews of 2 years ago. So... why is it on this particular place on the list then. Well, I do think that there are a lot of really funny moments and jokes in the review, but I do get too shouty. I think that this review would have come out better if I changed the order I reviewed the shorts, so I could escalate properly. As, I do get into the yelling territory quickly.

I also got... insulty in this episode. Definitely too much. The logic behind it was "tit for tat." Let's be honest here - many of the shorts were just attacks on various shows and people - Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse, for instance. The height of it was "Things You Never Hear". Whenever one of those came up, I shot back with something on equal footing. What really did piss me off though was that Burger King contest, which just... screams "too much ego." I don't know if it's like... trying to play into a stage performance, but it's a joke that's lost any humor over the years. I dunno.

If you hate this review, I understand where you're coming from. I think it has too many moments to write it off completely though. So, instead of just average it's a mix of very good and very bad, which averages out to average.

Number 21 - Going Bananas (Rocket Monkeys) {Episode 138}
I don't know how to really judge this one. Like, I mean... it would be pretentious to put it high on this list. Yup, I apologized. I'm such a gee golly good guy. No, I fixed a screw up I did way back when. That's not exactly an admirable thing. Or, that along shouldn't be considered "admirable." It should be considered a "requisite of being a decent person." As for the review itself, it kind of suffers from a large reason of why I didn't want to make the original Rocket Monkeys review, as in "what am I supposed to say?" However, I do like the "evil banana sent two monkeys to starve to death in a desert" meme that came out of this review.

Number 20 - Ejaculation (Big Mouth) {Episode 143}
I will admit, this episode is majorly style over substance. But in a sense, that's kind of why I like it a lot. I don't want to say that it was... fun creating that television screen effect. You see, I needed to edit the video again, for every single screen. It took me like... 30 hours to do all of that. It's sad to say that I didn't have much to say about the overall show, because there wasn't much I could say about it. I just find it... disgusting in some of the worst ways possible. It is the worst show that I've seen so far in ways that are hard to articulate without rampage fueled shouting. A lot of people like it. I don't know why they do, but that's them. The only reason this isn't much lower is because I do like what I did with the style, and this is something I think I should be a little proud of. It's a review that's always going to have its own identity because I am never doing something like this again.

Number 19 - Fame and Misfortune (Friendship is Magic) {Episode 148}
First and foremost, this is another one of those "dragging myself out of depression" episodes. Winter had hit me hard earlier this year. However, I do like how this review turned out. I think I articulated myself quite well, and got my opinion across. Of course some people disagreed with me, but that's always going to happen. For what it's worth, Joshscorcher did a much better review of this episode. I wish I knew the full on backstory of this one. How Hasbro essentially rewrote the episode and just put Larson's name on it in the end. 

Number 18 - One of the Boys (Loud House) {Episode 144}
Okay, now comes to the hard part. Like, we're firmly in the "solid" category for my reviews. And I need to figure out which are the... least solid solid episodes of the season. Why did I pick this one? It has nothing to do with the controversy around the show that happened one week after I reviewed it, but rather the fact that it's an eleven minute episode of an otherwise good show. Those have kind of lost their appeal for "how great I can make a review." There's only so much I can do with 11 minutes, which is why it's hard to come across episodes that really give me that gumption, unless it's something like Let's Not Be Skeletons which fails in spectacular ways. By the way, I'm probably gonna review another episode before Let's Not Be Skeletons because I really can't afford an automatic demonetization right now.

Also, about the controversy. I do think that I need to do another follow-up to the Homer Badman review. It's too much to do here. But there are all kinds of topics that can arise from this. One I can talk about is this - I said that I was going to do a positive review of an episode from the show, and that does look unlikely as time goes on. Chris Savino, the creator of the show, was accused by about a dozen women of sexual harassment, and essentially admitted to it.

So, let's talk about elephants in the room. One of the first episodes I wanted to review was Undie Pressure because it showed how great of a villain Lola could be and how it turned the "bratty little sister" trope on its head. The episode is about Lincoln wanting to spend the day in nothing but his underwear. Another episode I considered reviewing was A Tattler's Tale, which showcased that tattling was a very bad thing. "But x doesn't mean y--" That doesn't matter. No matter what, it's going to be an elephant in the room and it's going to make an episode awkward to talk about.

One thing that I do want to say though is that when these kind of accusations come up, boycotting a show, or demanding its cancellation is usually a bad idea. Remember that no show is created by just one person, and the harasser's victims are usually the ones working on the shows that are at risk of cancellation. So, if a show or a movie or whatever gets cancelled automatically because of allegations, or even definitive proof of bad behavior then that places the victims in a very bad scenario, where they essentially lose their job by coming forward against their abusers. There will be more time to talk about this, but... now is not the time.

Number 17 - Rapsittie Street Kids Believe in Santa {Episode 128}
It's a good review. Like, a really good review. I just don't have much to say about it, especially because like... everybody talked about this. I think the line of logic that "only one person can review any given thing" is stupid. It's kind of why, I think that people telling me that "the Nostalgia Critic ripped me off for reviewing Chicken Little" is... stupid. (Are we really out of things to be angry with, that we need to start... reaching?) But, one of the reasons why I didn't like to review things that other people had reviewed is because... I wanted to stand out, and it's harder to do that with people using the same exact material. There's less of a reason for this to exist, but it's not my fault. I can barely predict what I'm going to review. Nevermind what others are going to review.

Number 16 - When Earwax Attacks(Fleabag Monkeyface) {Episode 149}
Honestly, this review came out way better than it probably should of. I kind of predicted that it would end up like some of the episodes at the beginning of this list, but I actually found plenty of good material to work with. I mean, a lot of the review was dick jokes, but... Dirk was great comedy material for the review. I don't know how they got that past the censors, but...

I mean, it's not my best review of all time obviously, but I like it for what it is.

Number 15 - Top 11 Animation Cliches {Episode 145}
I kinda think this one is a... tensee bit overrated. I just think that I could have used much better word choices, and maybe I could have chosen some better selections. Like, "refusing to age up your characters" probably should have gone on the list, more than "rap theme songs", as the former has actually caused major problems as a show continued. I do want to defend myself against some problems people have with the list though, like "I was using cliches wrong." And I will admit, some of them are a stretch. However, a of cliche definition is - "anything that has become trite or commonplace through overuse." I was being creative with the definition, but... with the Disney live action remakes thing... that one could have been shitty live action movie spinoffs, but they got rare (Woody Woodpecker notwithstanding), and this has largely replaced that same problem.

One segment I wanted to make a lot better was the "Fake breaking stereotypes." I really want to make a video that actually talks about a lot of the problem I have with... people having admirable values but having very shitty ways of going about trying to achieve those values. It's been one of the dominating problems of the decade, not just in animation, but in society in general. I think most people are beginning to notice, but not quite the extent.

Number 14 - Legends of Chamberlain Heights {Episode 124}
One of my final hoorah's as my own editor. I think I did really good here, with the points, jokes, and everything. A very good, solid review. Also... look, Legends, if you're gonna advertise on my channel, it's almost an obligation for me to eventually review the show. Fun fact, someone pointed out my review of the show to Legends' twitter, and they called me a squeeny. I feel accomplished. Also, I guess Comedy Central figured out how stupid it was to sign this show for two seasons, since they basically buried it.

Since this review, I've learned that it's apparently a marketing tactic to take a show's "first season" and call it two seasons. You'll notice this if the first season is short, like Star vs having only 12 episodes in its first season. It allows them to more easily drum up hype if the show is actually successful. It also devalues what a "season" means. Then again, we've been doing that for years now.

Number 13 - Little Clowns of Happytown {Episode 135}
You know what I love... reviewing an episode of Family Guy, and the video getting demonitized because of the Family Guy content. Yes, that has happened. I usually get it fixed through a manual review, but... it's just kind of humorous. I do really enjoy this review though, not just for those reasons. Awful B. Bad is just... too good to bad, really. Like... there's not giving a shit and then trying as hard as possible to not give a shit.

I know a lot of people didn't like me going on about demonetization. It just... has me worried is all, and rather angry. It is hypocritical, with Happy Tree Friends still going on about copyright (just the tip of the iceberg really). But maybe now's not the best place for talking about this.

Number 12 - Duck Karma (The Nutshack) {Episode 126}
I love how we forgot to censor this episode and YouTube didn't even care, the show was animated that badly. AnimatedBeing did a really great job with the editing here, and the show gave me enough comedic material, however there is one flubbed joke that was definitely on my end. I forgot to write this in the script, but when I said "who wrote this, Stephen King?" when referring to the theme song... I forgot to send a certain clip. Because, for some crazy coincidence, the guy who produced the Nutshack theme is actually named Steven King. You want proof? [link]

This would probably be even higher if I could bare to watch the Nutshack again, but... I really can't. 

Number 11 - The Big Switch-A-Roo (Donkey Kong Country) {Episode 133}
Do you know how painful it was to figure out which one of the eleven didn't make the cut to be in my Top 10 of the season. I really do think that this review was amazingly funny. The show was one of the most fun I've ever had reviewing. Donkey Kong Country isn't just... a special kind of bad; it's a magical kind of bad - something that you couldn't replicate if you tried. We will never see a show like this again. Maybe this particular episode wasn't the best showcase for a review, but every episode could make good review material, I think.

Anyway, top 10 time.

Number 10 - Cartoon Network in 2017 {Episode 142}
The only reason why this is number 10 and not higher is because I think it's going to age poorly. Not because of the points, but hopefully because Cartoon Network will get its act together. Then again... they haven't been projecting much confidence as of late. So, to pile on the controversies - the Thundercats reboot. Sure, why not. Alright, let's get this out of the way - saying it's stupid because of the "Calarts design" is one of the most stupid, ignorant, misinformed things you could possibly be doing. The "calarts design" was a term popularized in the 90's, before this design existed, attributed to John K. for people who were trying to impersonate Disney. It's so misinformed that I feel like at this point... it's a "meme criticism" where more people make fun of it than they actually use it, like needing to have a high IQ to enjoy Rick and Morty.

That being said, I know where the criticism is coming from - it's another old property retooled with a more simplistic design, and considering how much effort Cartoon Network put into Teen Titans Go and Powerpuff 2016, it doesn't bode much confidence. I... don't understand these reboots anymore. Like, all you're doing by cashing in on and old franchise and not being faithful to the franchise is pissing off old fans. People unfamiliar with Thundercats aren't going to care, and the people who are... well... Hell, you've changed up the style so much that you can't argue that it saves money on assets, even. But I'm getting off topic.

I still agree with what I said in the video. The best thing Cartoon Network has been doing as of late seems to be... like nothing. Besides that, I haven't heard any news from them, which isn't the worst thing in the world. Compared to Nickelodeon who... we're finally getting a whiff of their dirty laundry. I wanted to talk about their... recent change of management, because it has tied into many of my prior reviews, so I don't know.

Number 9 - Finally a Lesson (Teen Titans Go) {Episode 127}
You know, being called "the guy who obsesses over Teen Titans Go" like... a year over I've stopped reviewing it, doesn't give me much incentive to not review it. Also is the fact that I really think most of my Teen Titans Go reviews have come out very good. I just think the review is funny, plan and simple. And them thinking that the critics are complaining that the show isn't teaching morals is stupid.

Number 8 - Shark Tale {Episode 121}
I was in incredibly pain making this review. This review turned out extremely good. I'm proud of what I did here. I think it really started season 5 on the right foot, and hopefully Minions will do that for season 6. Not bad for one of my last editing jobs.

Number 7 - The Emoji Movie {Episode 146}
My feelings of this review need like... a commentary. This movie is... so... contradictory. So hollow. It tries to pander to teenagers. By basically berating and hating them. It tries to teach progressive morals by writing one of the worst written female characters I've ever seen. Here's how you write role model characters. Don't write role model characters. When your character's main... character is "I'm so good because I'm a woman" and the character, oh, I don't know changes emotions on a dime that crushes the main character for no good reason, doesn't serve the story, can't really code or hack, and has what should be her shining moment stolen by a male character... what do you think it's going to say to the people you're trying to inspire?

We're going to have all of the time in the world to talk about this, but you need to be very careful to what you hitch your moral or ideological thread to. When you say "this movie will work because x, y or z" and the movie flops because... I dunno, it isn't very competently made, it makes it look like it flopped because of "x, y, and z." Not that the Emoji Movie flopped. Goddamn hate watchers.

But I'll definitely be able to talk about this issue when I put Powerpuff Girls 2016 on the worst cartoons of the 2010's list. Spoilers, by the way.

Number 6 - Brian's a Bad Father (Family Guy) {Episode 134}
People wonder why I review Family Guy so much. I do myself, sometimes. Because unlike SpongeBob or Teen Titans Go, or other shows I've reviewed so much, I never enjoy reviewing them. But then I see the final product - the finished review - and I realize why. If there's one show that... I would want cancelled so hard it never would have existed, it's Family Guy. It's had a terrible influence on both Fox, and on adult animation in general, while it continues to degrade in quality.

But I could usually tell what an episode was trying to do. This episode was like "Brian's a Bad father" like it was... a joke, or even interesting. But it's not. Family Guy elicits a lot of disgust for me. Like... telling people how to properly cut themselves in the same episode that notes that the person watching is fourteen. One episode states "you shouldn't get your morals from TV." Sure, why not. "I didn't know he was actually gonna listen to me when I told him to jump off the bridge" is what I hear. Especially because... there are episodes where they're quite clearly trying to convey some kind of message that they want the audience to take home with them.

I can't really articulate myself right now about this, but... there will be a time for that. This wasn't the first Family Guy episode. It's not going to be the last.

Number 5 - Armed to the Teeth (Invisible Network of Kids) {Episode 139}
This review is funny. It's... one of the most funny. Ms. MacBeth is one of the reasons for that. Like... I don't know who did her character, but... she's got to be in like every goddamn cartoon ever. And... like I said, the episode I reviewed... wasn't even the weirdest thing she did. On top of that, this review started a bit of a golden age for me, or a really good stretch, like... the best that I had ever been. A high that carried on to almost the end of the year.

Number 4 - Wayside {Episode 137}
Now this is probably the most... personal review of the season. Is it particular funny? I don't think so, but I do think that it's stronger in terms of points and such. As you might have noticed, I had been taking on a lot of shows that other people really did like, and this one was no exception. A lot of people liked this show. A lot of people also had never read the books of which it was based on. I hope that I introduced plenty of people to the books, because... well, while the show isn't the worst thing ever, with the exception of Maurecia. But it would kill me if the cartoon was how Sideways Stories was remembered over the books. Like I said, they inspired me to become a writer. In fact, there's a lot from Growing Around that does come out of the books, especially the latter two.

A couple of nitpicks of the review. For one, I misprounce the name Julie Brinckloe as Brick-n-low (and she only illustrated for the first book, not the second), and I forgot to add a joke. "It's like Maurecia learned her technique from Chop Chop Master Onion" Onion: "Love punching!" It's a much more sentimental review, and I think that has its place. For awhile, it was my favorite review of all time, because it means that much to me.

Also, you might as well think of my Neverending Story review as a sequel, although I didn't read the book until I started to watch the show. But, Michael Ende, the author is one of the most fascinating people I've ever learned about. For context, his childhood took place... in World War II. At age 17, he joined a Bavarian resistance group and fought against the Nazis. Also, he died in 1995. The last thing he lived to see of his franchise was The Neverending Story III. He died in August. The cartoon started airing in December. 

Number 3 - Re-Animated {Episode 150}
You know, I don't like reviewing movies. They're long to watch, script, voice, and especially edit. It always takes multiple viewings, my throat always goes out recording it. And the worst part is... they always end up as some of the best things I've ever done. I have to warn you that I have a bit of a recentness bias, where the last thing I did, to me, is usually the best thing I've done. I hope the Minions review negates that a bit, but... I really think that this is one of my defining reviews... and it's not even of a cartoon.

Like... I don't know where to begin except by listing random jokes or moments. Re-Animated is a terrible movie, but it's in the kind of terrible that makes for a really good review; unlike the Emoji Movie, I think, which was just soulless. I mean, this one was soulless, but on top of that... had no idea what the fuck it was doing in any sense of the matter. Like... I remember when this came out - saw it on television, and no one liked this damn thing. If you could point to one thing that "ruined Cartoon Network" this is probably it.

One thing that I hate in my media is contempt, I've learned. And this movie oozes it, especially for animation. And, I shouldn't have to stand up for animation from the Cartoon Network. But... we've talked about them enough. I'm really proud at this one.

Number 2 - Totally Busted! (Totally Spies){Episode 140}
This is the funniest review that I've made so far, plain and simple. Totally Spies is a batshit ridiculous show, and it's a shame that I couldn't get this one to stay on YouTube. There were so many jokes - GlaDOS/Gladis, the theme song being... more risque than most people think, and... the can opener. It's interesting that people now associate me more with can openers than potatoes because of this. It's just so... why. Like, how do you come to the conclusion that a can opener would be the best tool to try and open a locked door? Eat your heart out Macgueyver. There's also the "Cocoa is for Spysassins Only"! My only regret is that I didn't make a joke about the movie Coco, which I think was out at the time.

Number 1 - Legend of Korra season 1 {Episode 141}
My favorite review ever, and with the time and energy put into this thing, it had better damn well have been. To make this review, here's what had to happen. I needed to watch the original Avatar series, all three seasons. Then I needed to watch Korra, one to view it for the first time, the second time to take notes. Then I had to watch it as I reviewed it. I watched all four seasons once, but the first season I watched three times. Scripting, structuring points, etc took... awhile let's say. This script had... many drafts, some going as far back as August of that year. Final draft - 13 complete pages and a little bit of a 14th. As for how many hours of editing, I think Crimson can let you in on that one.

Every point had to be precise, because I knew it was a (semi) unpopular opinion. I was far from alone on the only person to not like Korra, but the people who liked Korra tended to call it one of the best shows of the decade. I knew I had to tread carefully. In the end, it was one of the biggest challenges I had ever taken in reviewing, and you know what... I think that's what made it so great in the end.

For the record, when reviewers have an unpopular opinion, a trend that I've noticed is that they... go on the offensive, getting very aggressive and just attacking the damn thing and insulting it to start with. That strikes me as the wrong approach. The point of a review, for me, a critique, is to get other people to understand your opinion, not just state your opinion. It's something that I've learned over time, but I think that it works.

Was the review perfect? Obviously not. I can notice a few minor nitpicks. For example, when I say that Asami gets captured at one point, I think the clip was supposed to be her getting grabbed by her wrists when they came to a power outage/protest (my memory is fuzzy). That was important because... well, it's a terrible cliche for one, and secondly... she was established to know martial arts, but was completely brought down by her wrists being grabbed.

There are some things people complain about the video though, that I think are unwarranted. For example, when people bring up that metal can be resistant to electricity and that it wouldn't be a problem for the metal-armored police. When we literally show a clip in the video of a metal-clad police officer being brought down by one of the lightning sticks.

This review has been one of the most rewarding reviews that I've done, and I think it's what's giving me confidence to do things like try to review Big Mouth or Rick & Morty season 3, other things that people tend to like. Cuz Korra ain't my most unpopular opinion when it comes to animation.
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