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So, a new position on Growing Around has opened up: Background artists. These guys translate the storyboards into the visual style of the children's storybook come to life for the final product. They basically have to translate :iconnayolfa:'s style to :iconmissymeghan3:'s style. If you're going to have this job, you're going to have to do this a lot, so you're going to have a lot of tests.

So, you need to do the background work for these scenes, from this gallery:…. Make the houses a bit different, use a bit of your own style, the children's storybook come to life is kind of the general feeling that we're going for.

Scene 4 
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 10
Scene 11

Any questions ask :iconnayolfa:

Also, You'reMyGlowstone, we need your lines. We've got everyone else's lines, and we're waiting on you

What should be the 50k Subscriber special? (Go!Animate movie violates my rules) 

366 deviants said Fairly Odd Dog (The Fairly Odd Parents)
205 deviants said Drawn Together: The Movie
155 deviants said Quest for Camelot
122 deviants said Brickleberry Episode (episode suggestion?)
116 deviants said Problem Solverz Episode (episode suggestion?)
112 deviants said From Bad to Nurse (Breadwinners)
69 deviants said Fish Hooks episode (episode suggestion?)
63 deviants said Mr. Pickles Episode (episode suggestion?)
36 deviants said Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Episode (episode suggeston?)


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9thDoctorFan69 Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
Do you still accept submissions for the 1001 Video Games thing? If so, I have a submission.…
TheM44guy Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
Hey Mr. Enter, I just saw your Admirable Animations review of Lars and the Cool Kids, and I simply applauded at the end. Not only was this a great review but a great episode of a show that might have real potential. The morality of ALL the  characters is good and reasonable, and what really unexpected for me was that clip of Boat Smarts and how the seat belt scene was done maturely. I was in shock, because a modern show did something right while other shows, like modern Spongebob, failed or did a half-assed job. But what really shocked me was that after watching your Lars review, I discovered that Steven Universe can be emotional. Yes, emotional. That's something you rarely see in a cartoon today, and it's even more rare to see it done right. I hate these new cartoons that put the focus on the comedy and gags rather than the characters or the plot. Forced comedy doesn't work because shows that do that often sink so low just to be funny. Another thing I don't like is when you think that a character is about to be rightfully reprimanded for any actions they did the plot wills them to look innocent, and that's just cruel. Anyways thanks for talking about this episode, it gave me some faith that animated cartoons can still be decent today.    
The-Plague-Dogs Featured By Owner 24 minutes ago  New member
Man, Steven Universe is fantastic. There is so much emotion put into every episode, which, yes, certainly is rare. I can't think of one episode that doesn't have a heavy scene or moment, and they're always done amazingly.
Its definitely my favorite currently airing cartoon.
SCARFACEPhoenix Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
hey mr enter in one of your animated atrocities who was that ancient master guy who is he
SuperSectors Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  New member
What do you think of the family guy simpsons crossover episode?
Mercury-Ami Featured By Owner Edited 11 hours ago  New member
Is it wrong that I put Power Ponies in the top 10 BEST MLP:FiM episodes at 6th?
Ben12066 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
It's your opinion. I'm thinking he'll respect it.
Mercury-Ami Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  New member
Please do an Admirable Animation for Jackie Chan Adventures.
ArtemisSoullessJewel Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Student Artist
I loved that show. It honestly was my favorite show on Kids WB growing up.
NYAGamer Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  New member Student General Artist
That show was da BOMB!!!!!!!!
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