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Here's the Valentines Day review, four days late.

I'm going on vacation to get my head together.

Are Cartoons now (2008-present) better than they used to be (1996-2005) 

1,167 deviants said In some ways
215 deviants said No
177 deviants said I don't know
94 deviants said Yes


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Ecclytennysmithylove Featured By Owner Edited 33 minutes ago  Student General Artist
Hi, MrEnter. Just here to say you did an excellent job tackling "Herpe the Love Sore", especially the part where you delivered an absolutely brutal reprimanding to Family Guy for depicting a group of jerkasses as being basked by everyone just for being American soldiers and how the show misused satire for the sake of making those implications.
Tommypezmaster Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Mr. Enter, any thoughts on Oggy and The Cockroaches since it was Acquired in the states by Nick?
calfor1991 Featured By Owner 32 minutes ago
I seen it before. Has a Tom and Jerry-esque feel to it. There is no dialogue to an extent where even the secondary characters and the humans don't speak dialogue.
awesomenommer777 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Hey Enter, I wanted to ask you something. In your "Top 10 Worst Squidward Torture Porn's" video, you used a They Might Be Giants song, Particle Man, as the theme of the video. Any thoughts on the band themselves?
Davesknd Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
Usually, I don't ask artists, writers and critics to do a certain thing or request stuff. But this time, I just need to get this out of my system: Can you do "Teen Titans Go"'s "Let's Get Serious!"? 
Since it is basically the Go writers spitting in the face of everyone who ever asked for an ounce of quality, direction or drama in the series and blatantly states "You critics just have to loosen up until your blood doesn't reach your brain no longer and you find us funny! You stupid for not being stupid enough to find us funny!"
Just consider it
Nostalgicduck Featured By Owner 38 minutes ago  New member
Well you guys did threaten and bashed them. It's just a cartoon. Just my thoughs on the subject.
Davesknd Featured By Owner 11 minutes ago
First of all: Who is "you guys"? 
Because I have never threatened anyone and I never wrote a publicly available review on the show. Therefore, I am not a member of "your guys". 
Second: I hate the idea of threatening people, but, and this is a big but, a creator who takes over beloved and classic characters with rich histories and decades of comic books behind them and turns them into barely functional, amoral abominations (who go so far as to abuse each other through starvation, magical lobothomy and threaten to destroy the universe just to change each others minds) do present themselves for criticism. If you write crap, you will get called out for it. That is how the world works. And if you can't take the heat of fair critique (and I do not refer to any threats that were made. I not agree with that) then please find a different career. You were clearly not meant to write.
As for it being "just a cartoon".
Have you ever considered that the Sisitine Chapel's art are just a few smears on a ceiling? That Watership Down was just a cartoon as well?
"Cartoon" is the canvas. A truly skilled artist can make amazing art with a box of crayons. 
Sadly, Teen Titans Go is currently ran by people who are happy to make the equivalent of a monkey cage's floor instead of trying to turn it into more. 
Artisanking101 Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
Do you ever plan to do an Admirable Animation on Wreck-It Ralph? The way you've talked about it the few times you have, it seems you have a unique opinion to that movie. It seems to be one of those things you should hate, but don't.
Yasminova Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  New member Student Filmographer
It's too commonly talked about and his interpretation has to be different in order to review something so the review feels fresh.
Artisanking101 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
Fair enough.
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