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Basically, instead of complaining about the 1001 Video Games book thing, I decided to go through every entry in the book and decide which games belong in a book like this and which don't. Basically, I'll give the information about each game (and put an asterik where the actual book has given misinformation), and a brief blurb about the game. Then I'll give it my verdict. Besides the yes, or no verdict, there's also the "replaced" verdict where a game should be replaced with another entry in the franchise or something that did that specific thing the book chose better. And in cases like Animal Crossing, Guitar Hero, or Mario Kart where each entry in the franchise is largely similar I'll tackle them all in the same blog post because in most cases only one of them should suffice. It's a fun way of getting my rage against this book out, and who knows, I might play some great games I've never played before. Also, if you'd like to know my opinion on certain games that'd be a great place to start looking. I've got 7 games down, and 994 to go. Should be fun :D. Unless of course, they've actually thrown in a fair amount of bad games. 

What should be the 50k Subscriber special? (Go!Animate movie violates my rules) 

545 deviants said Fairly Odd Dog (The Fairly Odd Parents)
283 deviants said Drawn Together: The Movie
225 deviants said Quest for Camelot
177 deviants said Brickleberry Episode (episode suggestion?)
169 deviants said Problem Solverz Episode (episode suggestion?)
162 deviants said From Bad to Nurse (Breadwinners)
110 deviants said Fish Hooks episode (episode suggestion?)
100 deviants said Mr. Pickles Episode (episode suggestion?)
53 deviants said Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Episode (episode suggeston?)


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Artisanking101 Featured By Owner 58 minutes ago
Tear Cyma Zarghami (president of Viacom and Nickelodeon) a new asshole!
SnakeManvsArbok Featured By Owner Edited 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, what happened to the Spit Collector review? That was one of my favourite reviews of yours and it seems to have disappeared...
TheCartoonTitan Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Some copyright douches took it down. Five bucks says they had nothing to do with the show.
SCARFACEPhoenix Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
hi mr enter in the near future please do a american dad atrocity its way bad like family guy
Artisanking101 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
So will you be uplosding the list tonight or later tomorrow?
Jediuser Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  New member
Do an Avatar Day animated atrocity.
JinxtheShadowyHero Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
No offense, but I don't think I've seen you use the (:D) emoticon.
Artisanking101 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
Viacom's a bitch. In all fairness, you DID say you hated your review of Helga on the Couch.
Shawnsummer7 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
It's just another example of how the people at Viacom are idiots, deleting stuff that is actually praising their shows.
Artisanking101 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
Well at least his Post-Movie SpongeBob list got spared. Viacom needs to die something fierce.
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