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Okay, so, for those who don't know I've recently finished writing the first draft of my book, Little Cassie. I do intend to publish it, at least as an ebook. However, before this can be done, I need it as close to perfect as possible. Proofreading has always been the most difficult part of writing for me (beyond obvious spelling and grammar). Why? Well... I know exactly what I meant when I wrote every single metaphor and I kind of still do. I would not have written most of these things if I thought they were bad.

I mean, I've already got the obvious stuff, like I used the words "probably" and "finally" way too much. I needed to change Andrew's last name to "Burke" in order for the court room scenes to have all of the seriousness they needed. What I need is some help. Someone else to look over it. I understand that this is an... arduous task. The book is 40k words long. Very light for a novel, but to put in perspective

Animal Farm has about 30k words
Of Mice and Men has about 30k words
The Great Gatsby has about 47k words
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone has about 78k words (twice as long as my book)

So... what I'm asking is for help Beta reading. Here's the in-progress google doc (which you can view. You'll have to comment on it here on DA, or you can send me a note or something.):…

And before you ask, I've already got someone working on the cover. She already drew Cassie's face for it, and it looks so amazing that I wouldn't dare spoil it until it's done.
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Have you ever enjoyed a purely sad ending? 

356 deviants said Yes, but it was more bittersweet than sad (comment plz)
311 deviants said Yes (comment plz)
150 deviants said No


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Mercury-Ami Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Why are people calling Pearl a horrible character just because of Cry for Help? 'Oh no a heroic character did 1 bad thing, they are a horrible person now.' is how I keep seeing people act about her.

Unlike Brian who constantly does horrible things, and is forgiven for BS reasons, and doing nothing to deserve forgiveness, Pearl however did one horrible action, and even speant the next 4 episodes doing anything she could to try and make up for it, showing she genuinly regrets what she had done.

Honestly...the Sardonyx arc even furthered just how much she is my favorite. She is a hero character who does something horrible, and spends EPISODES trying to make up for what she did. Seriously, I adore Lion, Lapis, and Greg, but Pearl is on a whole nother level.
Mercury-Ami Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
How about a top 10 actually funny shock humor jokes?
I have a suggestion for the list: Happy Birthday know what I am talking about
BlackPearl5676 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Okay, I know it'd be pretty much an old topic by now, but I really want to get this out there.

Allen Gregory lasted for only seven episodes? That's less than Bucky O'Hare. And I've heard people say they liked that show.
cryingcarnivore Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Wait, Brian's book is now real? My MIND!
Mercury-Ami Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
Who would you give the award of best cartoon dad too?
Personally I would say it should go to Greg Universe
Gogogadgethat Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
Yes please. Someone should make a video on Greg and how he's SOOO much better than the average TV father.
TomServeaux Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
Thirding that. Greg seems like a Bumbling Dad archetype at first, but despite being comic relief, is definitely a good guy. The only selfish thing he's done was for entirely sympathetic reasons (pretending not to be healed by Steven's spit so he can hang out with him more) and you get the impression that the only thing stopping him from hanging out with Steven more is because the Gems (or at least Pearl) don't want him in the house.
AntiAPC Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Fourth! Best cartoon dad ever!
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javy905 Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  New Deviant
Would u rather fight carmalarga(sly3) or the stay puff marshmallow man(ghostbusters)?
AntiAPC Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
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