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When have my Admirable or Atrocity reviews ever deviated from the public opinion? I don't mean like "x is worse than y." I mean "this is a good show or a bad show." Not your opinion mind you, but the general consensus.

For a recap

Atrocity reviews:
  • The Splinter is a bad episode from modern Spongebob
  • A Pal for Gary is a bad episode from modern Spongebob
  • Bubsy is a bad cartoon pilot
  • Johnny Test is a bad cartoon
  • Everyone Knows It's Bendy is a bad episode from a good cartoon, Foster's Home from Imaginary Friends
  • G3 My Little Pony is not a good series.
  • Stuck in the Wringer is a bad modern Spongebob episode; modern Spongebob is a far cry from what the show once was.
  • The Groovenians is an artist's terrible attempt to justify not taking responsibility "For the art"
  • It's a Wishful Life is a bad episode from a good cartoon, pre-poof Fairly Odd Parents
  • Madballs: Gross Jokes is the logical extreme of "it's just for kids"
  • Town and Out is a bad episode from a good cartoon, The Powerpuff Girls
  • One Coarse Meal is a horrible episode from modern Spongebob, and one of the worst to ever air.
  • Seahorse Seashell Party is one of the worst Family Guy episodes that gives life-destroying advice
  • Face Freeze! is a bad modern Spongebob episode with no substance.
  • Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain  was a corporate-pandering mistake that shouldn't have happened.
  • The hunchback of Notre Dame II is one of the worst Disney cheapquels out there.
  • Allen Gregory is one of the worst cartoons in existence.
  • MLP Tales was... trying at least.
  • CAD: The Animated Series is an embarrassment to all involved.
  • Squid's Visit is a creepy-bad episode from modern Spongebob.
  • Squid Baby is a bad episode from modern Spongebob
  • Arthur's Big Hit is a bad episode from a good series, Arthur.
  • Peggy Hill is a fucking egotistical idiot with a pitiful understanding of the world and an ego the size of Jupiter that the writers never let shrink.
  • Battletoads is a bad cartoon pilot with very bad production.
  • Ball of Revenge is a bad episode from a very good cartoon.
  • Tentacolino is the biggest WTF moment in animation from beginning to end.
  • Atlantis Squarepantis is very bad TV Movie that didn't need to be a musical and certainly didn't need to be kept hidden. And it was a stupid idea to have David Bowie and not have him sing.
  • Spongebob You're Fired is a special with no substance that showcases many of Nickelodeon's current practices.
  • Life of Brian was a manipulative ratings trap
  • The Night B4 Christmas is a shameful attempt to pander to minorities.
  • Lisa Goes Gaga is one of the most masturbatory cartoon episodes ever made.
  • Chicken Little is the worst movie in the Disney canon.
  • Wayside is a poor-man's version of the books they're based on that took too many liberties.
  • Flapjack frequently attempts to be gross. K'nuckles is an asshole. Both are reasons to not like the show.
  • Torturing Squidward for no reason is a very over-used plotline in modern Spongebob.
  • The Spongebob writers are willing to rip-off the most hated episodes of their show.
  • Sanjay and Craig is a show based on toilet humor that doesn't understand toilet humor.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum is one of the most annoying shows in existence.
  • Breadwinners has no reason to exist.
  • Cars 2 is the worst Pixar movie.
  • Uh-Oh, Canada couldn't have been made if the new neighbors were any other nationality.
  • Little Yellow Book is a bad episode from modern Spongebob.
  • Patrick Star has devolved into a complete monster.
  • Fresh Heir shows that Family Guy is willing to do anything to shock and disgust.
  • Demolition Doofus proves that Spongebob is a kid's show with attempted murder
  • Sorry, Wrong Ed is a bad episode from a good cartoon, Ed Edd N Eddy
  • Teen Titans Go! is a terrible follow-up to the original Teen Titans.
  • Teen Titans Go! is a terrible stand-alone comedy.

  • Courage the Cowardly Dog is an amazing cartoon.
  • The original Teen Titans is an amazing cartoon.
  • Samurai Jack is an amazing cartoon.
  • Deadtime Stories should have been picked up for an actual cartoon.
  • Gravity Falls is an awesome cartoon.
  • The Powerpuff Girls is a good cartoon that got away with some creepy shit.
  • Gregory Horror Show is a very underrated anime.
  • Sand Castles in the Sand is one of the best episodes from modern Spongebob
  • Hey Arnold is an amazing cartoon.
  • Avatar is an amazing cartoon.
  • Noel is an underrated Christmas classic.
  • Dave the Barbarian is a very funny cartoon.
  • Futurama is one of the best cartoons for adults.
  • Zatch Bell is a very good anime, even if Zatch sounds like Jimmy Neutron.
  • Nickelodeon's practices are confusing at best.

Kay, now pick out the ones where my opinions don't line up with popular consensus. This isn't to say that I just regurgitate popular opinions. I don't, but keep in mind that it's exceedingly rare that only I think something is bad. In fact, I don't think that it's been done yet. 

Which one of these atrocity reviews is your favorite? 

198 deviants said Love Loaf
175 deviants said Tentacolino
131 deviants said Chicken Little
123 deviants said Pet Sitter Pat
97 deviants said Spongebob you're fired
92 deviants said Fresh Heir
58 deviants said Princess Promenade
56 deviants said Cars 2
53 deviants said Hunchback II
48 deviants said Madballs Gross Jokes


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theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Hello, good sir,

I was directed here by :icondemonking30: who told me that either one of you was looking for voice actors and you had scripts at hands for that, is that true?
RetroTheRetro Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist
You should totally review Total Drama All-Stars. Or Almost Naked Animals. Those are Animated Atrocities in need of a review. Especially the latter.
TheSaiyanAssassin Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
Hello Mr Enter. If I may have the pleasure of asking you a question, what do you use to create the scoring cards for both Admirable Animation & Animated Atrocities? If you're wondering why, I'm thinking of starting my own series similar to yours.
NYAGamer Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  New member Student General Artist
I think he uses GIMP, it's like a free version of Photoshop
Taliyus Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Student Filmographer
Hi, I regularly watch your reviews, they are very inspiring and even educational. I like you idea for Growing Around, I would definitely watch it, it sounds very funny and interesting. Good luck with it. I'm also creating my own series and yes, Gravity Falls is an awesome cartoon.  
NYAGamer Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  New member Student General Artist
y u no Mr. Enter, y u no respond to note?
xPikachu13 Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
Because... Potatoes.
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You mean... Coconuts?
NYAGamer Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  New member Student General Artist
Heh true.
charman5 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
Have you heard of Brawl In The Family? They make some pretty memorable crap
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