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Hey, remember when I found my old video game that I made in High School and decided to share it with you all? It was light-hearted, upbeat, and not very good. Today I found about half of a novel that I was working on hiding somewhere on my old hard drive files (27k words out the typical 50-60k). It's pretty much the opposite of that. I think that it's actually pretty good. Not great, and I have improved, but still serviceable. There isn't any bad word structure, all of the characters are properly established, and obviously there's no bad art or music, and there's aren't any corny jokes. That's because it's down-trodden, pessimestic, and morbid. Oh... so it's one of those brooding teenage crap stories, isn't it? Um... no. It's morbid, perhaps the most morbid thing that I've ever read because a lot of the thoughts and feelings came from a dark place, but here's the thing -- it's not melodramatic. That means that any angst, anger, or misery is completely deserved, right down to the premise.

Our main character, Robert Wright (shut up), is down-trodden. He's beaten down by his life, almost going through a quarter-life crisis. By the end of the first chapter we're informed that his neighbors have been arguing to the point of violence and they have a daughter named Cassie Galvin (hindsight works in strange ways). It actually gets bad with what's shown in the text, never mind what's just suggested. Robert tries to call the authorities on them, but when Mr. Galvin puts on a facade, Robert ends up being attacked by a sledgehammer and threatens to kill him if he ever tries that again. Robert, in desperation, kidnaps Cassie and the majority of the novel is them running from the law. The "morbid" doesn't stop there either. And, most of the conflict on the story is internal conflict with lots of those good old questions of what's moral, action vs. inaction, and lots of other questions that I was having at the time.

The writing itself is flowery, and I'll be honest, it can come off as pretentious. So... um, do you guys want it? I could upload it in a chapter by chapter basis, but I'm going to warn you the first five chapters (of 17... so far!) are probably the darkest.

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SomeDoodNamedJack 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
can you talk about the cartoon "best ed"? you probably never heard of it, but it's one of the very, very, VERY few decent badly-animated canadian cartoons out there IMO.
Codykins123 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
Have you seen Grojband?
Another show I thought would suck but turned out to be surprisingly well-written.
TheCja101 17 hours ago  Student Filmographer
That article that says that Breadwinners is the #1 cartoon is probably fake. What do you think Mr. Enter?
I know you're probably done with talking about Nick and Breadwinners, but here is this article by someone trying to defend this show:…
I have discovered that Rick Groel is also a regular writer on Johnny Test. Unfortunally he wrote an episode the premiered today. (...about Johnny's sisters trying to stop Gil from moving away, forcibly. They have a holiday dedicated to him with robots and masks that look like him.)
This is a review of Peter Cottontail.…
mickjamesfromyoutube 19 hours ago  New member Student Filmographer
JIMX86000 19 hours ago  New member
VincenttheCrow 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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