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I did it.... I've gotten back from total "termination." I've proved that it could be done.

So as of... today, my channel is back, and each of my videos were restored to their former glory. I'm kind of going through a lot of strange emotions right now. The first thing I did immediately start uploading the Time Twister review. And I'll be doing the Glenn Martin review, and now I've got to do an update video.

I've proven that it can be done. You can take three strikes and come back from the dead. It just takes like three strikes. I feel great about that. Over the moon, in fact.

I also feel paranoid. I feel that it's going to happen again. All I gotta do is just click on YouTube again, and my channel will be gone again because Viacom wanted to do another sweep. In fact, not all of the videos are yet re-instated (they will be though, soon).

What I need right now is someone to make me a credits template for my videos, one that says something like "follow me on deviantart, twitter, my Zippcast channel" and maybe even spots to show clips of past or future videos. You've seen bigger YouTubers have something like that when their videos are over.

Right now I'm just swimming with emotion, and I need to calm down.

What Should be my next writing tips be on? (Round II) 

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282 deviants said Avoiding Cliches - The Dumbass Dad
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196 deviants said Plots you probably won't get away with
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67 deviants said The plot in comedy
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37 deviants said The mysteries of mystery


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SCARFACEPhoenix Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
hey john welcome back to youtube:) (Smile) Clap Nod  bro
MrBloodlaser Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
Hey John.…

I found you in a game even your first name is in it as well.
Torterrafan5676 Featured By Owner 58 minutes ago  New member
So? John is a common first name...
WritingForNoReason Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist

I really appreciate the favorite!
JakeAnderson733 Featured By Owner 18 hours ago   General Artist
I think I know how to get a time travel plot done near-flawlessly... use the "Alternate Universe" plot, and have the separate time take place in one of these alternate universes. Sure, you can still make this really confusing... but it's a lot easier to find a way to write it better than most time travel plots, using the alternate universe idea. Wouldn't you agree?
mortelkill Featured By Owner Edited 8 hours ago
most of the time, time travel doesnt work simply because the people watching assume that it should work a certain way.

One of the main exemple is how people assume there has to be a timeline without any time travel. while a lot of fiction make so that time travel is already taken into account before it even happened. Or that the time update itself the very instant it is changed

plot hole are gonna be in the course, but i dont think there is as many as people claim to be
JakeAnderson733 Featured By Owner 43 minutes ago   General Artist
I see.
Torterrafan5676 Featured By Owner 58 minutes ago  New member
Good point, sir.
DCMarvelman Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
MrEnter, I really think that you should watch Bob's Burgers (especially after reviewing Glenn Martin). It's basically the greatest replacement for early Simpsons ever, and is a creative show about a down-you-earth family. The best part is that it's not cliched like any other show would be. The dad isn't a moron, he's the cynical, sarcastic straight-man of the family. The mom is basically an insane drama queen. And the kids are extremely unique and likeable. Tina being a socially awkward fanfiction writer. Gene being like a more over-the-top, child version of Soos. And Louise is basically a psychopathic, tomboy Mabel. It's great and I really think you should get around to seeing it (seasons 1-3 are on Netflix).
Something-Borrowed Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
You're honestly one of my favorite reviewers and I love watching your videos. I'm glad you got your account back up!
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